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Tunisia & Ryan

Tunisia and Ryan’s wedding in Copenhagen last November was a wonderful experience for me. The wedding took place at the very beautiful Frederiksberg City Hall, that was built in 1942. The City Hall- Frederiksberg rådhus is located in inner Copenhagen Denmark. This wonderful city is considered to be one of the top destination wedding locations in the world and this is why Tunisia and Rian decided to get married here to declare their love.

They met in a town called Bray, a beautiful coastal town, south of Dublin with the Wicklow mountains as a wonderful backdrop. It was very easy for Tunisia and Ryan to arrange their wedding in Copenhagen since the distance from Dublin to Copenhagen is only 1 hour away by plane.

Since the begging of our communication with Tunisia, I felt a great energy that continued throughout their wedding day. As their wedding photographer, I had the privilege to experience some of their country’s traditions. There is a very interesting tradition in Brazil where the Bride is expected to write the names of her single friends inside the wedding dress. This is supposed to bring good luck to her friends, in the hope that it might open the doors to their own love life!

After the ceremony, we went to the Frederiksberg Gardens or in danish “Frederiksberg Have” for a wedding photoshoot. This beautiful park is one of the largest and most attractive green spaces in Copenhagen City. It is a romantic landscape garden designed in the English style. The park has winding paths, canals, lakes, small islets and magnificent old trees. A lot of plants and birds can be seen, including Mute Swans, Greylag Geese, Mallards, Grey Herons, and Canada Geese.

Tunisia and Ryan stayed in Copenhagen for a week to explore the beauty of the city and they loved it. They said: Copenhagen was a charming city with wonderful architecture. The canals and picturesque parks really added to the atmosphere of the city. The food was simple and was very much for fish lovers which can be challenging. The deserts and cakes we found tended to be a highlight of the trip and the endless supply of cafes were great. We really enjoyed “Joe and the Juice” shops as I love natural juices and smoothies.

When they came back home, I was very glad to receive their email as it melted my heart: Sla, you were fantastic from the start. Very friendly and professional. We felt very comfortable in your presence and enjoyed sharing our special day with you. The photos are amazing and you were so quick at editing and sending us the photos which were great as I was very curious. We have recommended you to other couples who are planning on going to Copenhagen. Many thanks  – Tunisia & Ryan

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Tunisia & Ryan on their wedding day at Frederiksberg have